You are then to wait until the ordinary course of events brings you notification of the time of audience to be granted. You are then to appear, properly clothed—properly clothed, do you understand—and with proper respect, too. “What's wrong with my clothes?” demanded Mis, hotly. “Best cloak I had till those unprintable fiends got their claws on it. I'll leave just as soon as I deliver what I came to deliver. “Ga-LAX-y, if it didn't involve a Seldon Crisis, I would leave right now. “Seldon crisis!” Indbur exhibited first interest. Mis was a great psychologist—a democrat, boor, and rebel certainly, but a psychologist, too. In his uncertainty, the mayor even failed to put into words the inner pang that stabbed suddenly when Mis plucked a casual bloom, held it to his nostrils expectantly, then flipped it away with a wrinkled nose. Indbur said coldly, “Would you follow me? This garden wasn't made for serious conversation. He felt better in his built-up chair behind his large desk from which he could look down on the few hairs that quite ineffectually hid Mis's pink scalp-skin. niedzielę zmierzą 11. kwietnia 2010 15:53:00

Do końca sezonu zespół Marcina Gortata rozegra jeszcze trzy mecze. W niedzielę zmierzą się z Cleveland Cavaliers, w poniedziałek z Indianą Pacers, a sezon zasadniczy zakończą w środę meczem z Philadelphią 76ers. W dotychczasowych spotkaniach obu zespołów jest remis 1:1, ale to Lakers mają korzystniejszy bilans małych punktów. Magic, by uzyskać przewagę własnego parkietu muszą do końca sezonu wygrać o jeden mecz więcej od mistrzów NBA.


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